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Free Horse Racing Systems

Find a horse racing system to suit your style of betting

Free Australian horse racing systems: Here is a collection of free Australian horse racing systems we have either been sent, or come across, or found in some remote places that we have discarded or not had the time to look in to them to see if they actually work.

If you are going to "play" with any on them, do it on paper first. DO NOT invest on them with real money before you know if they are profitable or not. We take NO RESPONSIBILITY for any outcome you may achieve with these - good or bad! As they say in the classics: TRAVEL AT YOUR OWN RISK!!

3x3x3x3 3YO Handicaps
A+ Contender Additions
Barrier Burst Barrier Percentages Plan
Beginner's Luck Better Class
Bonus Favourites Captain's Table
Card Dutching City Certs
Class Trifectas Consideration Points
Country Winners Couplets
Cunning & Complex Darker Horse 2 Variant
Don't Blink Double Placers
Down Not Out Field Toppers
First Consideration Follow The Leader
Formula Five Fortnightly Profits
Front On Greyhound Points
Hopeful Hotpots Hot Trots
In Top Form Inside Running
Last Six Tango Laying Likelies
Local Knowledge Long Price Target
Long Races Low Class Races
Mares Mayhem Maths A
Matter Of Percentages Method 101
Odds On Only Options
Outsiders Over & Over
Place Pace Place Your Bets
Planner Points Allocation
Polling By Distance Price Sensitive
Prime Four Prize Winner
Profit Path Profitable Top Weights
Progressive Favourites Provincial B
Provincial Chances Provincial Stars
Real Improvers Really Good
Roughie Round Up Simple As
Six Rule Special So Fresh
Starters-Barriers Super Favourites
Take Aim Take Three
Three Fourths Tight As
Top 3 Only Top Distance
Top 2 Only Topper Stopper
Trots Pointers II Trots Pointers III
True Favourites Two Into One
Two Plus Upper Limits
Weight Points Allocation Weighted Averages
What Happened Winning Habits